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Bringing Authentic Cuban Culture To Wigan

Spanish Vs Cuban Tapas

Many people are familiar with Spanish tapas, but Cuban tapas is somewhat different with it’s own distinct dishes and flavours. Often containing local spices and chillies, Cuban tapas is arguably even tastier than Spanish tapas. Don’t believe us? Sample some of our authentic tapas dishes today and see for yourself!

There’s also another defining feature of Cuban Tapas, which is what the food is served with. Spanish Tapas is traditionally served with sherry wheras Cuban tapas is undoubtedly associated with Cuban cocktails such as Majito, Cuba Libre, Daiquiri and Presidente.

At Casino De Cuba we serve our delicious selection of tasty Cuban tapas dishes with refreshing Cuban cocktails. If cocktails aren’t your thing then why not choose one of our fine wines or beers from around the world to accompany your meal?

Cuba Meets Casino

Our restaurant is located just a few paces away from the home of Nothern Soul – Wigan Casino. In the 1970’s Wigan Casino was the premier nightclub for live Northern Soul music. People travelled from all over the country to dance the night away to live acts including Jackie Wilson, Edwin Starr and Junior Walker.

Wigan Casino lives on only in the memories of those who were lucky enough to visit “The Best Nightclub in the World!” (according to American Billboard Magazine). But Northern Soul is still thriving and no more so than at Casino De Cuba. Continuing the tradition of Wigan Casino, we host only the very best northern soul bands and DJ’s. Check out our events calendar to see which live acts are playing in the next few weeks.