Bread & olives £2.40 (v)

Soup of the day with fresh bread £4.20 (v)


Muchos Nachos to share £5.95 Add pulled pork for £1.50

Tabla Havana - Wings, chilli, refried beans, croquets, cheesy nachos, onion rings & Cuban slaw. £14.95

Tabla Casino

Ribs, wings, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, garlic bread, jalapeno bites & Cuba Slaw £15.95




Cuban BBQ Ribs £7.95

Chorizo Bravas £6.00 (GF)

Chicken Pinchos marinated chicken kebabs, hot & spicy sauce £6.25

Filipino beef £7.00 (gf)

Croquettes Serrano £5.50

Chicken wings (BBQ or spicy) £4.95


Salt & pepper calamari £5.50

Chorizo, chilli & king prawn Garbe £7.00

Hot smoked mackerel – roast chickpeas & romesco sauce £6.25

Atlantic prawn & avocado parcels with baby gem & coriander lime dressing £5.95


 Jalapeno poppers £4.95

Creamy garlic mushrooms £4.95 (v) (GF)         

Potato Bravas / Aioli £4.95 (v) (GF)

Chargrilled halloumi £4.95 (v) (GF)

Goats cheese Bon – bon £4.95 (v)

Roast med Veg & spinach with mojo sauce £4.95


Cuban Sandwich
Roast belly pork, pulled pork, Dijon mustard, dill pickle, topped with cheese in a toasted baguette £8.95

Casino Chicken Burrito
Roast chicken burrito with sauté peppers, onions, beans, spiced rice & mozzarella. Choose your spice, Cajun/Fajita/ Mojo £9.95

The Original Cuban Burger
8oz steak burger, streaky bacon, cheese topped with a sweet chilli & mango salsa £10.95 add pulled pork for £1.50

Halloumi Burger
Halloumi burger in a crisp golden chilli breadcrumb, fresh avocado, baby gem & tomato topped with our homemade sweet chilli sauce. £8.95

Pulled Pork Melt
Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with roast peppers & onions, melted cheese in a toasted baguette £8.45

Mediterranean Vegetable Wrap

The New Nacho Burger
Chargrilled chicken fillet, hash brown, nacho cheese, salsa, baby gem & tomato £9.95


Chilli beef Enchiladas with crisp bravas aioli £10.95

Ropa Vieja – slow braised beef with peppers, jalapenos & tomatoes with spicy Cuban rice & tortilla crisps £11.95

Pelmazo – Chargrilled chicken marinated in a spicy jerk sauce, spring onions & chilli, arroz rice with a citrus coriander dip £11.95

10oz Rump Steak – Cooked to your liking. Garlic & herb rump, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, beer battered onion rings & hand cut chips £16.95

Fricase De Pollo – Citrus roasted leg of chicken in a tomato & pepper stew, capers, olives & raisins £10.95

Salt cod fritters – In a crispy golden chilli bread crumb, caper aioli, roast potato wedges £9.95

Roast Aubergine & Coconut Curry - Spinach & Lime zested Rice £10.95


Paella de Cuba – Mojo chicken, fresh Atlantic prawns & Smoky chorizo in our smoky spiced rice £11.95

Mediterranean Vegetable Paella- Med Veg, Smoky spiced rice topped with feta cheese £10.95

Cajun chicken & Chorizo Penne Pasta – in a creamy sauce £10.95

King prawn, spinach &tomato penne, chim churi £10.95


All served with Mixed leaf, peppers, onions, cucumber & tomatoes

Chicken Fajita Salad £10.95

Cajun Steak salad £10.95

King Prawn and Chorizo salad £9.95

Chargrilled Halloumi Salad £9.95


Choice of filling, all served in a folded tortilla, sautéed with peppers, onions and a spicy sofrito sauce and salad.

Chilli beef - £10.50
BBQ pulled pork £9.95
Mojo chicken - £9.95
Roasted Mediterranean Veg & Spinach - £7.95


Beer battered onion rings £3.00

Sweet potato fries £3.50

Bread, olives & dips £3.95

Skin on fries £2.95

Hand cut chips £2.95

House salad £3.00

Chargrilled corn on the cob £1.95


Feta, red onion & spinach drizzled with balsamic glaze  £7.95

Tomato, goat’s cheese & red onion with an olive oil dressing £6.50

Roast chorizo, red pepper & chilli, topped with 100% mozzarella £8.95

Nachos to share £5.95
Add pulled pork £1.50

Crispy calamari with black pepper and garlic aioli £5.50

BBQ ribs to share £8.95

Loaded Fries
Crispy skin on fries with a choice of toppings, all served with homemade nacho cheese.
Chilli beef  £4.95
Pulled pork & jalapeno
Nacho cheese, spring onion, salsa, guacamole & mozzarella

8 wings £4.25
10 wings £4.95
14 wings £7.25
20 wings £9.95


Soup of the day £4.25

Chicken Wings Hot and Spicy £4.95

Muchos Nachos £3.25 add pulled pork for £1.20

Pincho’s marinated chicken kebabs with hot and spicy sauce £6.25


Mojo chicken £7.95

Tomato, goats cheese & red onion £7.95


Any sandwich & soup of the day £8.95

The Cuban sandwich – Slow roast belly of pork, pulled pork, Dijon mustard, dill pickle and cheese. Recommended on a toasted baguette £8.95

Pulled Pork Melt – BBQ pulled pork, sauté peppers & onions, melted cheese £8.45

Mediterranean Vegetable Melt – Roasted med veg with spinach and feta in sofrito sauce £8.50

Steak, Onion & Mushroom Sandwich – Piri piri mayo £8.95

Sizzling Chicken Sandwich – Choose your flavour Cajun/Mojo/Fajita – sautéed peppers and onions. £8.95

The Original Cuban Burger - 8oz steak burger, streaky bacon, cheese topped with a sweet chilli & mango salsa £10.95 add pulled pork for £1.50

Cajun Spiced Chicken & chorizo pasta £10.95

Traditional Fish & Chips served with mushy peas & tartar sauce £8.95


Hand cut chips £2.95

Sweet potato fries £3.50

Beer Battered Onion Rings £3.00

Corn on the cob £3.00

House salad £3.00

Bread, olives & dips £3.95


All served with mixed leaf, peppers, onions, cucumber & tomatoes

Chicken Fajita Salad £10.95

Cajun Steak salad £10.95

King Prawn and Chorizo salad £9.95

Chargrilled Halloumi Salad £9.95

House Mixed Salad £3.25


2 Courses - £6.50 | 3 Courses £7.50


Garlic bread

Mini nachos with choice of dip & cheese

Corn on the cob

Veggie sticks & sour cream dip


Hamburger with cheese, fries beans/peas

Cheesy quesadilla with salad

Tomato & cheese mini flat bread with salad

Fish fingers, fries & beans/peas

Chicken nuggets, fries & beans/peas


Fresh fruit skewers with chocolate sauce

Selection of ice cream

Homemade dessert from display fridge




      For one To Share
Muchos Nachos   £2.95 £5.95
Crisp tortilla topped with sour cream,     
Nacho sauce, Jalapenos, guacamole,     
Salsa & melted cheese    
Add pulled pork to nachos  £1.00 £2.00
Chicken Wings    £4.95 £7.95
BBQ or Hot and spicy    
Jalapeno Bites   £4.95 £7.95
Sticky sausages    £5.50 £7.50
Pork Belly Ribs   £5.60 £8.95
Soup Of the day   £3.50  
Served with a crusty bread    
TABLA HAVANA   £14.95  
Wings, chilli, refried beans, croquets,     
Cheesy nachos, onion rings & Cuban slaw    
TABLA CASINO   £15.25  
Ribs, wings, corn on the cob,     
Sweet potato fries, garlic bread,    
Jalapeno bites and Cuban slaw    
Chicken Fajita Salad    £9.95  
Chicken, leaves, Chilli, lime, avocado     
Cajun Steak Salad    £10.95  
Steak, Sautéed peppers, tomato,    
Onion, leaves finished with chilli oil    
King Prawn and chorizo Salad   £9.95  
Sautéed potatoes, peppers, onion, leaves    
Caramelised Goats cheese salad £8.50  
Goats cheese, tomatoes, red onion,     
Olives, sliced beetroot      
Chargrilled Halloumi    £8.50  
Mixed leaves, onions, cherry tomatoes,     
In a chilli and coriander dressing    
Choice of filling, all served in a folded tortilla, sautéed with peppers,     
Onions and a spicy sofrito sauce served with salad    
Chilli Beef     £10.50  
BBQ pulled pork   £9.75  
Mojo Chicken    £9.95  
Roast Mediterranean veg & spinach       £7.50  
Seafood paella (G)   £13.95  
A mixture of shellfish cooked in    
A delicious smoky spiced rice, limes, coriander    
Paella de Cuba (G)   £10.95  
Mojo chicken, fresh Atlantic prawns &     
Smoky chorizo in our smoky spiced rice    
Mediterranean Vegetable Paella (G)     £9.75  
Smokey spiced rice, med vegetables    
Topped with feta cheese       
All served with side salad     
Step 1: Choose Bread. Baguette, wrap or granary.    
Chilli beef    £7.95  
Cajun Chicken    £7.95  
Onions, peppers, cheese & sour cream    
Mojo Chicken    £7.95  
Avocado, lime, coriander, red onion    
& orange segments    
Fajita Chicken    £7.95  
Peppers, onions, sweet chilli,     
Nacho sauce       
Pulled pork melt    £7.95  
Havanera meatball  £7.95  
Steak, Onion and mushroom £8.95  
Piri-piri Mayo         
Mediterranean vegetable melt £6.50  
Jalapenos, aubergine, onion, pepper,     
STEP THREE     £2.00
Add our smoky spiced rice to make it a burrito!  
Choose three tapas under £5.50 for £13  
Choose any 3 tapas over £5.50 for £18 - Monday-Weds  
May include any starters as part of this deal  
Spanish lamb stew      £6.50
Slow cooked for 8 hours with butchers   
Best lamb, Cuban spices and chick peas  
Cuban Beer pork Ribs    £6.50
Stock reduced glaze     
Croquettes Serrano   £5.95
Pulled ham and cheddar, garlic & lime mayo  
Chorizo Brava’s      £4.50
Chorizo, peppers, paprika, potatoes,   
Spiced sofrito top with a baked egg  
Pollo Guisantes  ( pol-lo gis-ant-tes)  £6.95
Chicken breast, pancetta, peppers,  
Chick peas in a red wine sauce  
Papas Relenas      £6.95
Fried stuffed potatoes, 100% ground beef  
Mojito Prawns (Mo-je-to)   £6.50
Marinated in rum and lime    
Salt and pepper Calamari    £6.50
Garlic mayo      
Paprika & Cajun dusted whitebait aioli £5.95
Chorizo, Atlantic prawn & chili garbe   £6.95
Sautéed king prawns, smoky     
Chorizo in a chilli dressing    
Chilean mussels     £6.95
Mussels, chilli, chorizo and sofrito  
Creamy garlic mushrooms   £4.95
Goat’s cheese and red onion on toasted bread  
Cuban Bruschetta      £3.95
Sweet tomato, onion, garlic, balsamic glaze  
Potato Brava’s or Aioli (A_O_LEE) £3.95
Chargrilled Halloumi    £3.95
Sweet chilli sauce      
Stuffed aubergine      £4.25
Baba ganoush garlic, rosemary topped  
With feta cheese       
Garlic bread      £2.25
Garlic bread with Cheese   £2.50
Cuban Garlic bread mixed    £2.75
Bread & Olives     £2.00
Fries        £2.50
Hand Cut Chips     £2.50
Sweet potato fries      £2.95
Beer Battered onion rings   £2.50
Corn on the cob      £2.00
Chargrilled Halloumi    £3.50
Mixed salad     £2.50
All burgers are homemade daily and served with   
a side salad on a  seeded bun     
Havana Veg Burger   £6.95
Kidney beans, sweetcorn, garlic   
and breadcrumbs       
The Original Cuban Burger    £8.95
100% steak 8oz, bacon, cheese and a   
Sweet chilli and mango chutney  
The Havana Burger    £8.95
100% steak 8oz, tomato, baby gem   
And Cajun cheese      
 The Nacho Burger    £8.95
Chicken Breast, Nacho Sauce tortilla   
Chip and melted Cajun cheese  
SLIDER TRIO     £9.95
Choice of 3 burgers as a bite-size slider   
Add extra sliders to your platter for an extra £2!  
SAUCE’S AND DIPS     £1.50
Peppercorn, Diane, sweet chili,    
Cuban mojo, Honey mustard,    
Chorizo and tomato salsa, Cuban slaw